Once upon a time, there were beautiful patterns in Shanghai.
Let De Shanghai re-tell you a story!

Welcome to Shanghai!

Shanghai French Concession is full of rows of plane treesand beautiful buildings. 

“de shanghai” resides in this area.

The history of Shanghai is not long.  It became an international city as in the present from the mid-19th century until mid-20th century, when Britain, the USA and France expanded their concessions across the city.

The ways in which the Shanghainese locals approached foreign lifestyles and cultures, their curiosity, and their adventurous spirit is what has made up Shanghai as it is today.



de shanghai” redesigns various life-related objects by bringing in beautiful items and patterns which have existed in Shanghai throughout its history, and adapts them to suit our modern lifestyles.


Opening the front door, you will be welcomed by vintage fabrics covering the wall.  


On the second floor, we have a “zakka showroom”, which was designed as if it were a Western style room in Old Shanghai of the latter half of the 20th century.  Beside the stairs connecting each floor, we have cozy guest rooms. You can enjoy different atmospheres of each room.  


On the third floor, we have a shared living room, in which a café opens or other events are held during the daytime, and guests use freely at night.

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​about FABRIC

Fascinating patterns combining the Orient and the West in flower pattern fabrics

In 1832, British people came to Shanghai to investigate for the first time.

At that time, they observed the town itself, its products, trading, Buddhist temples, races, geographical features of the town and the river, and its surroundings.  They also went to Chongming-dao, (Congming Island), located in the Northeast of Shanghai, to survey the area.  The island was abundant in the nature, and produced high-quality cotton.  It was also one of the major productive areas of handwoven, hand-dyed fabrics, the history which is said to date back more than 1000 years ago.

Later on, when Shanghai became a trade port, high-quality fabrics of Chongming-dao were evolved into flower pattern printed ones, made for exporting over decades.

We can find many fascinating patterns combining the Orient and the West in flower pattern fabrics, which were produced until the late 20th century. Various patterns such as cars, machines, bridges and towns, as well as a dancing lady and a slogan were produced during the Cultural Revolution, which lasted for ten years.  


Various goods with beautiful  graphics and patterns which have existed in old Shanghai



ADDRESS :  No.25 Shao Xing road  / 绍兴路25弄

OPEN:Mon / Tue / Fri /Sat / Sun

​HOURS : 11am-5pm

​CLOSE : Wed





(for GUEST ROOM booking,  please contact thorough airbnb)

May my Shanghai, and your Shanghai,

be more beautiful and be filled with more wonderful days. 

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